Cerebral Palsy Care Resource & Support

This video is amazing, fun, great and inspiring. Thank you Sam Way!

Welcome to CPcare.org! We’re part of the BRIGHT Foundation, and just like the BRIGHT Foundation, our end game revolves around discovering a cure for Cerebral Palsy and common Brain Injuries.

Although we believe “a cure” is real, and in the foreseeable future, we understand that life is now, which is why this site was built to act as an information portal and ever growing resource with articles, videos, images, and much more to help anyone in need.

Additionally, this website is a gateway to other valuable resources including active support groups – groups with members sharing similar experiences; stories of frustration, confusion, happiness, and hope. We believe participation in these groups is where CP and Brain Injury families find the most help, and learn more about the things their children can do, and less about what their children will never be able to do.

One thing we want every visitor of CPcare.org to know after their first visit, is that while children suffering from Cerebral Palsy and/or a Brain Injury do have limits, they have just as many possibilities, there are a number of amazing children with inspirational stories of triumph through perseverance. As a community, we can learn how to make these rare stories of amazing acts the norm. Connect with our group on Facebook, the group needs your story and experiences, together we’re stronger.