A Case Study Determining the Effects of Hippotherapy on Developmental Dysarthria

The full case study can be downloaded here: Hippotherapy-Case-Stdy.pdf

Title: A Case Study Determining the Effects of Hippotherapy on Developmental Dysarthria
Creators: Shover, Carrie
Advisor: McCauley, Rebecca
Issue Date: 2010-06
Abstract: Hippotherapy is an approach to equine assisted therapy (EAT) that uses equine movement along with physical, occupational, or speech therapy treatment strategies (Håkanson, Möller, Lindström, & Mattsson, 2009). In speech-language pathology, the few existing studies focusing on hippotherapy have primarily used subjective measurements such as questionnaires (e.g., Borton & Ogburn 2009). These studies suggested that children who participated in hippotherapy were believed (by their parents and others) to experience improved speech and language skills, increased motivation to attend therapy sessions, and improved self-concepts (Macauley & Gutierrez, 2004). Increases in vocalizations have also been noted in non-verbal participants (Lehrman & Ross, 2001). This study is a single participant case study designed to examine the immediate effects of four hippotherapy sessions on objective measures [i.e., respiratory strength, vocal intensity (loudness) and the mean length of utterance (MLU)] of a person with developmental dysarthria, where developmental dysarthria refers to speech abnormalities due to chronic weakness of the speech musculature. Because no appropriate participant was found in time for data collection to be completed, the study goals were changed to piloting of procedures.
Embargo: No embargo
Series/Report no.: The Ohio State University. Department of Speech and Hearing Science Honors Theses; 2010
Keywords: hippotherapy
developmental dysarthria
Sponsors: Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences at The Ohio State University
Department of the Arts and Sciences at The Ohio State University

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