Boy with cerebral palsy talking.

Cerebral Palsy Communication

One of the important things to do is to learn a way to communicate with your child. Starting as young as you can. Look into their eyes when you talk to them. Their eyes will talk back to you.

While working with your baby give them options and wait for them to respond to you. Watch for any movement. Watch their hands, their fingers, their leg, their feet…most important their eyes. Any movement they can do, use that as an answer.

For instance, using both your hands as answer options. Your left hand is “yes” and your right hand is “no”.

If their answer is yes…But the baby can not use their fingers to point to your hand that has the option…instead they can move their leg, then any movement from the left leg is the actual answer.

Get them all excited that they answered you. Do the “happy” dance.

Also look at their eyes while they are answering you. If their eyes also go to the left hand. Wow, they just communicated to you two different ways.

By Kristi McConnell
photo credit: Bindaas Madhavi via photopin cc

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