Communication app giveaway

Passing on the information for those who need and could use the TalkTablet.

Don’t Miss Your Chance.

Communication app giveaway
It is Christmas time and we want to do our part to help families that truly need TalkTablet but simply cannot afford it. So we are gifting 50 (Fifty) copies of TalkTabletUS in time for Christmas. So spread the word as fast as possible.

We will accept nominations at until Dec 13th. Thereafter, we will email the TalkTabletUS Redeem codes to the 50 winners. Please include a brief description of the person that needs TalkTablet and how it would benefit them.

Each of the 50 Redeem Codes will expire on January 3rd, 2013. Therefore, if you win a Redeem Code, you have until January 3rd to download/install TalkTablet onto your iPod, iPhone, or iPad.

If you win a Redeem Code but don’t have, or can’t obtain an iPod or iPad before January 3rd, 2013, simply redeem the code through your iTunes account before January 3rd, 2013 and you will be able to install it an iPod/iPad at a later date when you have an iPod/iPad. No worries.

As 2012 draws to a close, let me once again say ‘thank you’ to all of you for supporting TalkTablet and the people that bring it to you. It is an absolute privilege to create great software for people that rely on it for their day to day communication.

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!! YOU deserve it!!

Gordon Harris, President
Gus Communication Devices Inc.

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