Girl with Cerebral Palsy reading.

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) was created in 1985 for young children with Autism. Over the years it is now being introduced to most children who are non verbal.

This is quite interesting how it is taught.

Phase I teaches the physical exchange of a picture; no discrimination is required.

Phase II teaches distance and persistence.

Phase III: Picture discrimination skills are introduced: first through pairings of preferred and non-preferred pictures.

Phase IV: Sentence structure is introduced: the simple request will now consist of the sentence starter “I want” + a picture of the desired item/activity placed on a Sentence Strip.

In Phase V, the PECS user is taught to expand on basic skills with the addition of attributes.

In Phase VI, individuals learn to make comments on interesting stimuli in the environment.

Here are a few videos of how PECS is used. Andy has completed all 6 phrases.

Andys PECS video part 1

Andy’s PECS video part 2

For more information regarding PECS…

Andy, Born Feb 4 2000 (Agpar Score 0,0,0,4 at 15 min, heartbeat @ 17 mins) 12 years old. HIE (Came home with G-Tube, Removed @ 14 mos.) Hypotonic, later dx’ed Mixed CP. Hydrocephalus has VP Shunt (revised 2000 & 2012) GMFM II almost Level I. Walks Independently but not well enough to play sports. Non-verbal. Uses ASL.

photo credit: thejbird via photopin cc

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