TheraSuit Intensive Therapy

Andy in Therapy at Movement Discoveries in San BrunoJune 2007, I was able to take Andy to Movement Discoveries located in San Bruno, CA. This was a 3 week program. Monday through Friday, 4 hours per day.

When we arrived,  it was only 8 weeks after he had foot surgery. One of the therapists was a little worried it was too soon after surgery. However, Andy was a trooper and worked through it.

He had 2 tendon transfers and an Achilles transfer on his left ankle. 2 weeks before he had his cast removed.  His foot was still recovering because it would swell up. We could tell the first week it was still pretty sore because he didn't want to put a lot of pressure on it, but through it all, he still did everything Adam and Matt asked him to do, and then some. By the end of the first week, without braces, Andy was able to walk from the hotel room to the van. This is quite a walk from the parking lot since we had a room in the courtyard.  The last week and a half, he had been learning to stand up from the ground. See the video at the end of the page….

I have to say after this 3 week program, Andy didn't have to use his wheelchair or his walker. He did need, and still does need a lot of breaks when walking long distances.

For more information about TheraSuit Intensive Therapy and finding a Provider in your area….click on the link below….

About Andy

Andy, Born Feb 4 2000 (Agpar Score 0,0,0,4 at 15 min, heartbeat @ 17 mins) 12 years old. HIE (Came home with G-Tube, Removed @ 14 mos.) Hypotonic, later dx'ed Mixed CP. Hydrocephalus has VP Shunt (revised 2000 & 2012) GMFM II almost Level I. Walks Independently but not well enough to play sports. Non-verbal. Uses ASL.
Parents: Kristi & Bruce Siblings: Luke/Maddie

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