Upgrade Ideas

Tips by Roy Ellis – Father of 11

Bathing Solution:

For those not familiar with this type of bathing solution: The sling is an open mesh so we can bathe her right through the sling. We can raise or lower her to any height so no back pain from bending over for the caregiver. We can even fill the tub and lower her and suspend her in the warm water, great for relieving painful spasms. The sling spins around so we can face her in any direction. The ceiling track extends outside the tub area so we can easily get her in and out of her wheelchair.

The shower setup is part of our ceiling track lift system. The concept is similar to a hoyer lift but you lift them from a track on the ceiling instead of rolling a lift around on the floor. It came with 2 slings, a solid fabric for lifting and an open mesh for bathing.

Emma-swingI used 2 lengths of one and a half inch square pipe and attached them to the rafters with standard joist hangars. As far as swinging in any direction, you just use one chain to attach the swing instead of two. Just make sure it’s a strong chain.

  • Make any door 2″ wider by swinging the heel of the door out of the way. Costs about $18 for a pair.
  • Bedroom has double doors and hallway is wide enough to move a hospital bed to the living room and back.
  • Bedroom now has sliding glass door for emergency exit.
  • Newer homes have temperature limiting bathtub faucets. Most are adjustable. Snap the cover off and there’s a sprocket inside you can rotate to limit the top temperature. I have mine set so I can tolerate the temp even if someone turns the handle completely to hot. That way it’s impossible for someone to get scalded and it still allows me to set the water heater hot enough for everything else in the house.

Thank you Roy Ellis for providing these tips to help make our homes accessible for our children.


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